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Shiki... From my point of view, she is much cuter than while she was in Eri's body. How you portraid her, while she was waiting her fri...


Hello all,

Recently, i drew my old friend's character to suprise him and I realized how much i enjoy to draw goofy stuff. So here is Steel with a basic coloring and shitty shading.

Persona 5 Confidant : Myself
A Wallpaper i've made for myself. Turned our better than i was expecting so i decided to post here.

When i was young, i used to take up different personalities to hang out and be liked by everyone. Seriously i had dozen of thiends and i was having a hard time remembering some of their names. Pretty awkward when they suddenly see you and say hi on the street out of nowhere i should say.

Persona series always meant more than friendship, bonds is powa etc. you save the day and banged the anime chicks for me. Impersonating maskes and hiding your true self, so much you lost track of who you really are sometimes only to rediscover whatever mask you're using, all of them are you yourself again. Along with The World Ends with You, Persona series was mind blowingly helped me gain self awareness on such psychologically and philosophically heavy matters.

Nowadays, i don't even need to put up a mask since i live pretty much isolated from people. Only hand out with a few close friends who are familiar with every mask i own down to the core, dedicated to my work and family. 

Anyway, there you go ^^

Font used in name is Earwig Factory.  Can be founr here;…

Parsona Franchise © ATLUS
Hello everyone!

I've just bought a new tablet, guess i'll be coming back soon.

And i was wondering what is this "Adoptable" bullshit?

It seems like you enter an audiction to get a chance to adopt a character. Even if you do get to buy the design, you are extremely limited?

Have to credit the original artist, can or cannot change the design a bit, if give away or re-sell the character, have to notify the artist?

I am extremely confused and laughing at how strange adopters are.

I mean yeah, it is much better than STEALING an art or a design, but maybe if you're unable to come up with a design first you should work on that.

Back in my time active in here, we used to trade characters or if we were in need of one, kindly ask our friend to help out. My old friend :iconevycrystal: even designed a character for me so i can use her in my lore.

Also, If we had a character who's role on the lore is finished (Yeah, we were pretty imaginative to have our own universes with our characters as the protags) we simply gave them away for people to "Adopt" because why the duck not?

What is your idea behind this selling the de, oh sorry, Adoption idea? 

Let me know in the comments!

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Hey There!

I know i'm not posting much stuff but my art is definitely improving. I also am active as a watcher, checking out stuff, write a comment if i feel like it or throw a fave if i like the submission. Yet i feel like no one out there, you know, wants to check out my art anymore.

I recently finished a lineart i was working little by little for a whopping 2 years and submitted it with flat colors. Yet while it exceeded my usual quality by FAR I only have 2 comments. Heck it's only been viewed 33 times while i have about 160 watchers and most of them are random people..

Is the DA dying? Is there another website much more popular than DA nowadays for cartoonists or is it a problem just because it is me?

I don't know. I just don't see a point to hang around anymore.

What are your thoughts?
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Burak Suat Görgün
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Burak Suat Görgün

Mostly drawing Sonic fan art

Current Residence: Izmir in TURKEY
Favourite genre of music: Actually, All types (but not Arabesk,the special Turkish idioticy's song type)



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